Camellia Corporation Limited

Our Mission.
We strive to lead among premium food producers in Asean.  We grow through creativity, innovation and we integrate honesty, integrity, and business ethics into all aspects of our production.

Our Company
A lot of industrial food products have been developed throughout the years.  Some are beneficial and some have no benefits at all.  Many of these foods have chemicals added to them to reduce cost and for easier production.  These may cause illness, resulting in the loss of consumers.  The pre-eminent idea is to produce only products that use all natural ingredients and offer a safe and nutritious alternative to customers. 
Camellia Corporation Limited was established in 2014 and started investing in a factory a year later to produce its very first series of healthy seasonings.  These seasonings are made from all natural ingredients, no added M.S.G., sugar free, low salt, no starch, no artificial flavours / colors and contains natural vitamin E as a preservative.  We have received Board of Investment privilege, GMP / HACCP production standards, ISO 9001 version 2015 quality management system standard.  In addition, our R&D team are working on many other food items with similar product concepts that all will provide consumers with health benefits. 

“BECKY” is more than a seasoning
BECKY defines its own product style differently from others, Setting all standards aimed for export.  It is produced with state of the art methods.  Starting from a careful selection of ingredients, going through a production process deliberately designed and developed with close consultation of King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang.  In addition to excellence in taste, Becky also provides nutritional benefits to its consumers.

" The more you add, the better it tastes.  The more you add, the better you get. "

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