You're a stronger runners @ Farm ChokChai Run de Farm

Farm Chokchai invite you all runners to come join us at the Run de Farm. Whether you're a stronger runners, a less experience runners, or a group of family runners, you can join our fun filled run and explore the great scenery and landscape of Farm Chokchai. Enjoy the experience of running with the grazing cows throughout the corn fields with agricultural machineries. Experience the whole new route of Rai Suwan, a cornfield well-known for their sweet corns which has never opened to the public before all through the cold winter breeze at Farm Chokchai 1 and Rai Suwan.

Enjoy a scenic running experience, indulging in the view of green fields, farm animals, corn fields and agricultural machineries whilst breathing in fresh cool air of the Thai winter at Farm Chokchai and Rai Suwan. We invite all our runners, whether you’re a powerful runner, cool runner or a selfie runner, individual, group, or family, to join our fun filled run, not entirely for the purpose of running, but also to experience the great scenery and environment of Farm Chokchai. With not only cows, fields, corn fields, agricultural machineries and more right around you at Farm Chokchai, but you are also invited to run through Rai Suwan, a farm, well-known for their sweet corns. Moreover, you can pay a visit to the late His Majesty King Rama IV’s pavilion, corn fields and more agricultural machineries and much more at Rai Suwan. All through the cool winter breeze at Farm Chokchai 1 and Rai Suwan, which was never opened for the public before.

Race Categories
15 km Ticket Price 900 Baht
10 km Ticket Price 900 Baht
  5 km Ticket Price 700 Baht
Joiner 2,000 Ticket per Race Categories.

For more information and Hotel as below :
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Farm ChokChai Run de Farm On Sunday 23 December 2018. And see you @ BECKY Booth activation there. ^^