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Before you start using this site. Please read the terms and conditions below. This website is provided by Camellia Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") for information purposes only. By using the Site or by retrieving information from this site, you agree to:

1. Limited Permission
Subject to the terms and conditions set forth, Camellia Corporation Limited does not grant any right. Not transferable and subject to restrictions. You have the right to access the Website, use the Website and show the Website. You agree not to interfere or attempt to interfere the proper working of the Website or any activity being conducted on the Website.

Camellia Corporation Limited grants you the right to access and download the information. (Hereinafter referred to as "Permitted Data") from this site for nonprofit use. Only such permission does not constitute transfer of ownership of the information that is permitted. Or any unauthorized copies of the information. And the license must be subject to the following restrictions:
        1.1. Respect towards intellectual property and ownership rights of the site for downloading information from the Website.
        1.2. You are not allowed to do anything with the permitted data such as for profit-making purposes, to change or edit for public display or use for other operations. The Website and the permitted data are licensed and have intellectual property rights. It is protected by copyright laws and intellectual property laws around the world. And you agree to comply with the copyright and intellectual property laws around the world in using the Website. You also agree to avoid using any of the non-authorized copyrighted materials that Camellia Corporation does not grant any right, whether directly or indirectly, to you in relation to any patent, copyright and trademark.

2. Disclaimer
Licensed information may be inaccurate or misleading. Camellia Corporation Limited reserves the right to fix any errors or flaws in the Website at its discretion.Camellia Corporation Limited reserves the right, at its sole discretion to fix any errors or flaws in the Website at any time without notice to anyone. Camellia Corporation Limited may make changes to the website or the information or changes to products, programs, services and prices (if any) that are in the Website without prior notice.

3. Third-Party Website
For your convenience, Camellia Corporation Limited may provide links to websites operated by other entities. If you agree to visit the linked site, the risk of doing so will be with yours alone. It is your responsibility to use the necessary protection to prevent viruses or anything harmful. Camellia Corporation does not warrant or endorse the linked website or the information that shows the products and services in the linked website and to provide links to other websites. Camellia Corporation Limited does not support the relationship and give the rights to the linked website to use the trademark, trade names, logos or copyright symbols that is shown in the linked website or can be accessed through the linked website or the right to use the trade mark, trade name, logo or copyright symbol and intellectual property of Camellia Corporation.

4. Information Provided By User
Camellia Corporation Limited does not allow you and you should not send confidential information or property that is owned by Camellia Corporation Limited via the website. You agree that any information you or the person acting on your behalf, provide for Camellia Corporation Limited is not considered confidential or property of others. By providing such information, it is deemed that you have given the permission to Camellia Corporation Limited and that permission has no limits, cannot be revoked, has unlimited boundaries and giving Camellia Corporation Limited the right to copy, send and distribute the information without any charges. Apart from that, Camellia Corporation Limited is not prohibited to use the ideas and know-how that you or any person acting on your behalf, provided to Camellia Corporation Limited.
You acknowledge that Camellia Corporation Limited does not allow you and you guarantee that you will not provide any incorrect information.

5. Disposal of Damage
Camellia Corporation shall not be liable to any person for any direct or indirect damage, special cases or other damage including loss of profit, business interruption and data loss or programs in your data management system that is related to the use or inability to use in the content, information, and functionality of a website. Even if Camellia Corporation Limited has explicitly notified the possibility of such damage.

6. Changes in the Terms of Use of the Site
Camellia Corporation Limited reserves the right to change, modify or discontinue any part of this term, in whole or in part, at any time. Changes to the terms of use of the site will be effective upon publication in the Website. Your continued use of the website after the announcement of the changes to these Terms and Conditions implies that you agree to abide such changes. Camellia Corporation Limited may cancel, change, suspend or terminate the connection in any part of the site, such as the ability to enter any part of the site at any time. Camellia Corporation Limited may limit access to any part or service or prohibit access to any part or all part of the site without any notice or any responsibility. Camilla Corporation Limited may terminate the license granted above.

7.International Website Users and Applicable Laws
This website is controlled, operated and managed by Camellia Corporation Limited from the office of Camellia Corporation Limited in Thailand. Camellia Corporation Limited does not guarantee that the information in this website is appropriate or applicable in other places outside Thailand. If you visit this site from another location outside Thailand, you have the duty to comply with the laws of that country. The laws governing the use of this website and the privacy policy are governed by the laws of Thailand and do not allow you to apply the law as it conflicts with the applicable law.

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